Škoda Auto Showroom

Outdoor Inflatable Tent for Demonstrations Events
Kubíček Visionair | Skoda showroom 1

Present your best wherever and in any weather. The mobile inflatable showroom is designed to be rainproof, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors even on cold days with its heating vents at the back. The transparent film walls allow ample daylight into the interior while offering a view of the surroundings. 

Functionality and design

Bespoke brand identity, complete with practical elements

Closer to customers

Easy to transport, install and store

Promo in summer and winter

Fused seams on roof to prevent leaks, possibility of heating
Kubíček Visionair | Skoda showroom 1

Technical info

Škoda Auto Showroom

Outdoor Inflatable Tent for Demonstrations Events

Basic information

10,00 × 15,00 × 5,00 m
600,00 kg
Delivery duration
16 weeks

Operation and installation

Portable size
delivery truck
Installation time
60 minutes
No. of people for installation
Operation in windy conditions
to 12,00 m/s
ground anchors, construction

More information

Fabric type
Print technology
Product add-ons
extra strap
Included in package
transport bags
Inflator fan Gibbons 1,5HP

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