Seal for Škoda Wagonka

Inflatable Arch for Sealing the Repair Hall Entrance
Kubíček Visionair | Škoda seals

Enhance working conditions with our innovative solution. Our inflatable arch serves as a seal to bridge the gap between the train and the repair hall entrance, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient environment for workers. It prevents draft and air currents from affecting the interior space. The detachable central part with Velcro fasteners allows for easy adaptation to various entrance sizes. 

The solution to atypical locations

Perfectly fits any space

Durable, quality material

Inflated to withstand stressful operating conditions

Thermal insulation properties

Ensures economic savings, convenience for workers
Kubíček Visionair | Škoda seals

Technical info

Seal for Škoda Vagonka

Inflatable Arch for Sealing the Repair Hall Entrance

Basic information

1,00 × 2,90 × 3,50 m
Delivery duration
5 weeks

Operation and installation

Portable size
Installation time
50 minutes
No. of people for installation

More information

Fabric type
Product add-ons
extra strap
Included in package
transport bags
Inflator fan RS 315M

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