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What’s an inflatable?

An inflatable is a textile 3D model pressurized by air, which can take on almost unlimited shapes and uses. 

It is characterized by easy installation, mobility, and versatile usability. 

What types of inflatables exist and which ones do we manufacture?

 There are essentially two types of inflatables. Those that inflate and hold after the valve is sealed. We do not manufacture such inflatables because we lack the technology for it. We do not have good experiences with their operation as they are prone to punctures, temperature changes, and other similar issues. 

Our inflatables are stitched and constantly pressurized throughout operation by an inflator fan, which maintains the necessary pressure inside the structure. 


We use high-quality textiles, the choice depending on the intended purpose of use. 


How can i use an inflatable?

Creatively in architecture and design. To materialize original authorial work. 

For advertising - to enliven an event, promote a brand or a product. 

Completely differently. Sometimes as a mobile partition dividing a large space. Other times as temporary shading or covering of an area. 

Can my inflatable illuminate?

Yes, it can be illuminated from the inside, although not every shape is suitable for internal lighting. 

In such cases, it can be externally illuminated. 

Can my inflatable levitate?

We would like to say yes, but the inflatable must be anchored in some way. Either to the ground or to a wall, and in addition, electricity needs to be supplied to the inflatable for the fan that keeps it inflated. 

How much does it cost?

The purchase price is influenced by many factors such as size, scope and type of graphics, textiles used, complexity of shape, and emphasis on detail. 

Operating costs are minimal. 

When designing solutions, we emphasize ease of use, leading to cost savings on operation 


carry bag

How many people can handle it, and can i then put it in the car?

Most inflatables can be packed by one to two people and fit in the trunk of most cars 

Under what conditions can the inflatable be used?

Generally, for inflatables, they can be used throughout the year within an ambient air temperature ranging from -10 to +35°C. It's also important to note that during the winter season, it's necessary to clear the inflatable's surface from snow and frost. We do not recommend using the inflatable in wind speeds exceeding 15 m/s or during rainfall exceeding 2 mm/hour. However, specific usage conditions are always specified in the operating manual, and if needed, we propose technical elements to enhance the safety of using the inflatable.

What do i need for installation?

A 230V electricity supply. A covering tarpaulin, anchors, or alternative weights for ground anchoring. 

The product includes anchoring ropes and other accessories according to the intended purpose of use. 

Will someone from your team help me with installation?

The correct procedure for installing the inflatable is described in the user manual. 

Any questions can be promptly answered by our technical team over the phone. 

Upon prior arrangement, we can introduce you to the product and its proper use within the company's premises when receiving the finished inflatable. 

If you need to ensure complete operation at your event, we will put you in touch with our partnered event agency.

Technical details

inflator fan

Inflator fan? What is the power consumption and noise level?

The power consumption of the inflator fan varies according to the size of the inflatable. The smallest shapes are powered by fans with a power consumption of up to 100W. Larger structures like bouncy castles are inflated by the most powerful fans with a power consumption of 1,100W. 


The noise level typically ranges from 51dB to 81dB. 


As additional accessories, we offer a noise reduction box and an additional flexible tube that can redirect the fan noise to a place where it won't be heard at all. 

What sizes and shapes can the inflatable have?

The height of inflatables typically ranges from 1 to 12 meters. If the inflatable is for indoor use, the height is not limited. We've also created inflatables larger than 20 meters, and we can confidently say that no size is impossible for us to manufacture. The same applies to the shape of the inflatable, where there are almost no limits. Hence, if you have a specific vision for the shape of the inflatable, we're committed to bringing that vision to life, without limitations. 

Is it possible to produce a customized inflatable according to any design, even with custom printing?

yes, the shapes of the inflatables are limited only by specific design feasibility. You can send us your graphic material, whether it is a simple sketch or a graphic manual.

Our technical team is more focused on constructing shapes than creating graphical textures.

We have worked on a number of projects where we have collaborated with outside graphic artists who have the ability to create these textures. And then we just roll them onto our 3D model.

Types of KUBÍČEK VISIONAIR inflatables

What colours are used to print inflatables? Are they durable?

We print the materials for the production of inflatables using the most modern large-scale printing technology.

On polyester fabrics, this is a technology that is fully absorbed into the structure of the material, so there is no peeling and fading.

On PVC-coated fabrics we print with inks that create an additional layer. To prevent abrasion and fading, we also apply a protective liquid lamination on top.

In what format do I need to provide the documents for printing the graphics?

The printing itself needs to be accompanied by graphic documents ideally as vector graphics (format .pdf; .eps; .ai). For bitmap print materials, it is necessary to ensure a resolution of at least 100 DPI.

However, each job is unique - KUBÍČEK VISIONAIR engineers will supply you with the exact specifications for your project.

How long does it take on average to produce an inflatable?

The overall production time of the inflatable is influenced by the size and shape required. Generally we range from 1 to 5 weeks, but we always specify the production time for a given order.

In addition to the production time itself, we need to add the time when we analyze your needs together with you and design a specific solution. We can start production as soon as we have a confirmed visual of the inflatable and the final printing documents are available.

How an inflatable is made

How is the inflator installed?

The basis is the easy transport of the inflatable in a transport bag, in which the packed inflatable fits into the trunk of a car or van.

Once unpacked, the inflatable must be anchored with a set of pegs and anchor ropes or sandbags. This is similar to a tent and the method of anchoring chosen depends on the size, shape and weather conditions.

Then you just need a power supply and the integrated fan will take care of the safe inflation. You don't need a large team of people for installation, most of our inflatables can be set up in 2-4 people in 10-15 minutes.

What information is needed as a specification for a new contract?




Can the purchased inflatable be serviced or repaired?

We provide immediate service with delivery usually within 1 week.

As part of the service we are able to check the inflator for functionality, safety and life extension.

What is the lifespan of the inflator? Does it come with a warranty?

We use high quality materials with increased strength and durability and fans made in the EU to manufacture our inflatables. Some of our inflatables have been used by customers for several years without any problems. The overall durability is then influenced by use in appropriate conditions and consistent maintenance.

For all inflatables we guarantee a 12 month warranty from the date of delivery to the client.

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