Giant inflatable golden bunnies for Lindt

A group of giant golden bunnies has be seen in the Kubíček meadow. This cute little group will be heading for warmer regions!

In cooperation with Lindt, we´ve sent over 130 bunnies to 12 countries worldwide. Some have even reached as far as Australia. This cute little group will be heading for Portugal.

Shoppers should be on the lookout, though it´ll probably be hard to overlook these adorable chaps serving as sales promotion of the world-famous chocolate factory. The first Lindt bunnies made by Kubíček Visionair appeared in stores as early as 2014.

What makes our inflatable bunnies so special?

Their size varies from 1.5 to 8 metres. The smallest is made of 87 textile parts, cut both by hand and our CNC machine. The parts themselves are made of gold polyester fabric that comes with B1 non-flammability certification which meets the demanding standards of the EU.

Our bunnies are independent – they can practically install themselves. All they need help with is unzipping their cover and plugging their cable into an electrical socket. Thanks to the internal rib structure, outer envelope and the fact that the fan continuously blows air into them, the bunnies maintain their desired shape at all times.

Graphics are a combination of sewn-on carved graphics, hand painting and UV printing.

And their lifespan?

In the wild, hares can live to be 12 years old. Few, however, survive their third year. Bunnies made of our polyester can easily reach 10 years from their date of manufacture and, if handled well, even longer.