Moon / Lunalon

The 10-meter inflatable Moon Celebrating Space Progress
Kubíček Visionair | Lunalón 6

Authentically magical, this mesmerizing creation captivates the public's imagination. When it illuminates in the darkness, it becomes an irresistible sight. Crafted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of landing on the Moon, this colossal balloon sparked a widespread interest in inflatable celestial bodies in the Czech Republic, flooding the internet with captivating photos. Today, we offer lunalons in various sizes. 

The Moon

Technical info

Moon / Lunalon

The 10-meter inflatable Moon Celebrating Space Progress

Basic information

10,00 × 10,00 × 10,00 m
10,00 m
100,00 kg
Delivery duration
4 weeks

Operation and installation

Portable size
delivery truck
Installation time
30 minutes
No. of people for installation
Operation in windy conditions
to 15,00 m/s
ground anchors

More information

Fabric type
polyester with PVC base
Product add-ons
internal lighting, 2 fan outlets
Included in package
inflator fan, ground anchors, ropes
Inflator fan RS 315M
Product optional accessories
rubber tensioners, backup fan

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