Meet design heroes

You probably know our products and you can see them at many events. But you probably don’t know much about how our unique inflatables are made.

And becuase we are proud of our products we’d love to let you peek into the whole manufacturing process. In future posts we will introduce you how all the departments work and explain the production of inflatables step by step. Today we will look together into the design department.

In this department there are experienced professionals who are devoted to the overall preparation of the inflatables production. They are not just regular designers or graphic designers. They are magicians who can transform your visions into reality. Their work is based on preparing a visual design of your inflatable. It is always based on your assignment and ideas. No shape is unreal. If the shape of the inflatable is too complicated to produce they come up with idea how to simplify it without changing its essence. As a first step they prepare a complete 3D design with views from several sides. You will receive this drawing for approval and it also works as a basis for production.

Long story short our design department’s colleagues create stunning inflatabes that look amazing and last long.