How to take care of the inflatable

You often ask us how to take care of your inflatable. The right care is nothing terrible and it takes less than a few minutes.  Just follow a few basic steps and the inflatable will look brand new for many years.
Let’s take a look at the basic rules together:

Step 1 – Installation
Before every inflating ensure that the surface for inflating is clean and dry. We recommend to use a large tarpaulin tarp that you place under the inflatable every time you need to inflate it. After inflating and fixing it with ropes and pins you can simply remove it. 

Step 2 – Better safe than sorry
During inflating but also during transport be careful and do not let the inflatable come into contact with any sharp objects or fire. Ensure that there is no dirt or dust blocking the fan.

Step 3 – Storage
The inflatable must be stored in a dry place. Make sure that the inflatable is completely dry before you put it in the transport bag. If it gets wet during the event, nothing happens. Our materials are suited to that. However, be sure to dry the inflatable as soon as possible. Long-term moisture can have a detrimental effect on the material and it may lose the desired properties due to it. If the inflatable gets dirty just wipe it with damp cloth and it will look like new again.