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Kubíček Visionair | Air cinema bannery 3

Did you know that along with inflatables, we also offer advertising banners prepared and printed directly at Kubíček Visionair?

All banners are custom-made and prepared at Kubíček Visionair in Brno.

They are abrasive resistant thanks to a protective layer of transparent liquid laminate. The banners are made of PVC, which we coat on one or both sides. In case of the latter, we prefer to use matte laminate, which prevents any unwanted reflections from print.

What may be found particularly useful is the velcro sewn on the banner by our seamstresses. This allows a frequent change of graphics any time necessary.

We can prepare banners almost at lightning speed. All we need is a free window in production and three hours 

Watch the video below, where you´ll find our banners in action on inflatable cinemas, both prepared for handover to Kino na Kolečkách:

autor: Petra Hájková

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